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Of the many holiday traditions in South America, unique to Paraguay is the use of Flor de Coco (as it is know locally) to adorn Christmas trees and nativity scenes.


Synonymous with the season, this branched inflorescence is pulled from a native palm tree in late spring and slowly opens throughout December, releasing a gentle, floral scent that fills every home and brings with it the anticipation of Christmas and a new year ahead. There is not a family in Paraguay that does not connect its fragrance with this special time of year.


Each ceramic vessel is hand thrown and glazed in a gamut of earthy colors—each one perfectly imperfect and unique—and should be reused once the candle has burned off.

  • Measures approx.  2.75" dia. x 2.25"H


    Weight: 2.8 oz  |  80g


    Burn time: 18-20 hrs.


    Contents: clay, glaze, wax, essential oil, cotton wick


    Hand thrown & poured in Paraguay

  • On your first light, allow the candle to burn for a minimum of 2hrs—or long enough for the top layer of wax to melt fully, leaving a pool of clear liquid across the surface. This ensures subsequent burns follow suit and helps minimize tunneling. 


    In order to gain the maximum amount of burn time of each candle, regularly trim the wicks to .25" or .5cm and remove any black sooting.


    Finally, as your candle nears its final burn, your ceramic vessel can be washed and upcycled as a votive for tea lights, to hold matches, a small planter, or to hold knicknacks of all kinds..