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Our upcycled hammocks are hand loomed from leftover scraps gathered from the floors of apparel manufacturers. Sorted by color and bound into bales, the preserved pieces of remnant fabric are carried to the countryside where they are cut by hand into ribboned strands, and readied for a second life.


The work of the loom is rough-hewn and repetitive, made beautiful by the considerate hand and careful eye of the artisan. Simple, steady movements of an old process combined with unassuming scraps of fabric create the warm and gentle embrace of our hammock beds. Embellished with hand-knotted fringes and tassels, it boasts generous suspension cords for even weight distribution, comfort and strength. 


Due to the authenticity of the raw materials and the individuality of the hand-loomed process, each hammock varies in pattern, color tones, texture and design—making each one truly unique with unrepeatable character.

    •  Single - Length: 9.5ft. | Bed Size: 6.5’ x 4’ (78” x 48”) 
       Bed stretches out significantly with weight


    *Sizes are approximate - Actual hammock may vary.


    Bed loomed out of 100% upcycled content.
    Fringe, suspension cords and all other details 100% cotton.


    Handmade in Paraguay

    • Machine-washable
      Wash separately in cold water on a gentle or hand wash cycle.
    • Tie loose ends
      Bind the suspension cords and tie tassels together before washing to prevent tangling.

    • Hang to dry
      In order to preserve the hammock, do not tumble dry.