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Our hope is to capture that honest moment and offer it to you as part of your home and story.

We believe an indelible and palpable human connection is created in this way.


May our products bring comfort and be a part of your sense of home and the unhurried beauties of your life.


The din of daily life often obscures the things you're really after, as it did for Daniella and Seth, who worked for years in fields they respected but where something of spirit was missing. Both felt a persistent pull to build a business that would allow them to do more meaningful work—more open, deliberate, and creative. Over time, a tacit agreement emerged between them, a rough sketch of what would become Under The Bough.


They set out to combine the deep artisanal culture of Paraguay with their own passion for carefully considered design. Paraguay is home, after all. Daniella was born and raised there, and after marrying Seth, shared with him this place of family, of community and of affection. It is a rich landscape of artists and artisans using traditional methods and natural materials to create exquisite products of simple beauty and clarity of purpose. These ideals were in perfect alignment with their vision.

The work of Under The Bough is not only to preserve this history of tradition, but to build upon it by enriching and expanding the design and craft through a more deliberate approach. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches. To work this way takes time—it is intentional. There is a vitality and authenticity in things handmade because they are a reflection of an honest moment, of the intimacy that occurs between the maker and material. It is also a reflection of place and the culture of traditions passed down. 



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